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Tuesday, 09 July 2019 08:36

The Winners and Losers in the OPEC Cuts


Oil prices are going to get some support as OPEC is planning to cut its output. That won’t be welcome news to those at the pump this summer, but it is good for the oil industry. Within the cuts, there will be winners and losers. One big worry is that the cuts won’t even work because there is still too much production from the US and because the primary fears are on the demand side, not the production side. The key is to buy oil stocks that can thrive in a low price environment and deliver improving returns to investors. These include EOG Resources, Suncor, Pioneer Natural Resources, NRG Energy, and Delek.

FINSUM: Oil stocks are deeply out of favor right now, so this is quite a contrarian call, but given the catalyst of OPEC cut they may be a solid bet.

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Tuesday, 26 June 2018 08:25

Where Oil is Headed After OPEC Hike


OPEC is going to raise output by 1m barrels per day in a Saudi-led decision. But what will that mean for prices and oil-related companies? One might assume that higher output would be bad for prices, but in this instance, likely not. The reason why is that the high output is offsetting lost production from OPEC members like Venezuela and Iran. Libya is also experiencing lower production. All told, the three countries may combine for a 1.5mbd to 2.3mbd drop by the end of the year.

FINSUM: This hike is really just a partial offset to a much larger decline that is going on. It seems like it would be wise to stay bullish on prices.

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