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Sustainable spend report a new wrinkle for ESGs

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A little nip and tuck? 

Well, let’s just say someone hit refresh on ESGs, culminating in the sustainable spend report, which provides an overview of the organization’s ESG performance, according to How? Details…details, eh? Well, by dispensing detailed reports of spend with ESG certified supplies. 

Emissions reduction, sustainable sourcing, energy management, and animal welfare are among ESG certifications.

Thanks to this feature, TealBook customers with Elite license, make out. That’s because – with no extra effort -- this features lifts spend data capabilities, the site continued. On top of that, customers can filter by time period, take a gander at spend based on ESG category through the report.

The site describes the sustainability spend report as “a powerful new tool that enables customers to make procurement decisions that align with their organization’s policies and business strategies.”

To help define your ESG strategy, goal setting is integral, according to

To start establishing its ESG objectives, your company can keep a few steps in mind:

*Understand the value of ESG goal setting

*Assess your ESG baseline before you set your goals

*Familiarize yourself with and set SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time) goals.

*Measure ESG goals and set timelines by creating KPIs

*Share and announce your ESG goals

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