Thursday, 06 December 2018 11:14

The US-China Truce is All but Dead


Markets plunged on Tuesday, at least partly because of fears over the fragility of the US-China truce on trade. China tried to bolster belief in a deal this week by publicly reaffirming its commitment. However, any hopes of a trade agreement took a definitive nose dive today as the CFO of Chinese giant Huawei was arrested in Canada at the US’ request. Futures markets dove so sharply on the news that the CME had to stop trading for a period.

FINSUM: This could be a very wild day. Market are off to a rough start this morning, but the mood in the afternoon will be the big test of sentiment, in our opinion.

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Wednesday, 06 June 2018 09:09

Facebook Might Be in Big Trouble

(San Francisco)

Investors in Facebook, and possibly tech more broadly, need to be worried. New news has broke which says that Facebook has been sharing its data with China. The company has been sharing data with device makers like Huawei, among others. The news comes just at a time when fury over Facebook’s data policies have caused a global uproar among the public. According to the Financial Times, “Facebook shared user data including information on religious and political leanings with the device makers, and personal data collected from users who had asked for it not to be shared with third parties”.

FINSUM: We don’t know if there are legal ramifications for this, but it will certainly only add weight to the current push to subject the tech industry to greater regulation.

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