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Made up of a diversified group of assets built to generate an expected return, model portfolios also come with risk, according to

With your financial goals squarely in the cross hairs, a host of portfolios typically are offered by financial advisors or investment managers. With these portfolios, investors can leverage simple and effective investment methods under minimal management, the site continued. 

Certainly, it seems, the popularity of model portfolios is hardly lukewarm. Within the landscape of the financial product distribution landscape, among advisors, their burgeoning use carries formidable power, according to

These portfolios, over time, are automatically rebalanced based on evolving market conditions or client needs. According to MMI, these models always have been a linchpin of the $6.5 trillion advisory solutions industry. Most prominently, they’ve played a big role in packaged mutual fund advisory programs, the site stated. That’s where discretionary investment management is outsourced by an advisor to an internal investment committee/research team at a distributor.

Creating the portfolio evolves around a plethora of decisions, according to

Through diversification, a model portfolio positions you to hedge your risks.  

In an ideal world, the brains behind the portfolios are financial advisors. Their role’s to oversee the portfolios daily, allowing you, the customer, to be hands off.

Thursday, 11 August 2022 02:37

Pimco Clients Flee Fixed Income Funds

PIMCO saw the second quarter sell-off in bond funds as investors pulled nearly $30 billion in the last three months. The biggest cause for the sell-off is the rising rate hikes and inflation which may be causing yields to rise and bond prices to fall. Still, analysts say that if interest hikes begin to stabilize then the bond outflows will seize and even reverse into inflows. 

This is the largest sell-off since the start of the pandemic, and investors are concerned a recession is around the corner. PIMCOs shining light are the few funds that it has that are doing okay despite macro headwinds and could prove to be a driving force for inflows when markets stabilize.

Finsum: Bond prices are just too low right now and yields will fall with inflation easing and the fed tightening, but its a matter of it happening soon enough. 

Thursday, 11 August 2022 02:35

Volatility Forcing Wealthy to Cash Horde

Wealthy investors are hitting a pandemic low in terms of optimism around the market as concerns flare up surrounding volatility. The latest survey by UBS shows that inflation and geopolitics are weighing down investor sentiment regarding optimism. The majority of investors are concerned most regarding inflation and are shifting into cash holdings and the inflation concerns have them weary about where to invest. Under a third said they would increase market holdings if there was a 10% blow-off. Still, investors show a desire to invest in long-term assets such as renewables and smart mobility.

Finsum: Keeping a long eye is a smart play right now but older investors are in a difficult position regarding the market. 

Wednesday, 10 August 2022 02:21

Spending Slowdowns Hit Cybersecurity Stocks

According to a Bank of America analyst, the cybersecurity industry is in the midst of a spending slowdown. The slowdown has mostly affected small and mid-sized businesses. While large enterprises haven’t shown signs of a slowdown just yet, this might change as larger firms may need to reduce budgets, likely starting next year. While the demand for cybersecurity solutions has been surging as war rages on in Ukraine, uncertainties from the global economic slowdown are starting to have an effect. Distributors are expected to see slowdowns in Identity and Access Management (IAM) and Virtual Machine (VM), while areas such as endpoint solutions, cloud security, and privileged access management are seen as more resilient. Companies such as Microsoft with its bundle offerings, and SentinelOne and CrowdStrike that provide endpoint security should benefit, at least initially. Cloud security providers Zscaler and Palo Alto Networks are expected to benefit as well.

Finsum: Uncertainties arising from the global economic slowdown have triggered a slowdown in spending on some cybersecurity solutions.

Wednesday, 10 August 2022 02:20

Investors Pull $29 Billion from Pimco

Active bond giant Pimco saw clients pull their money for a second straight quarter amid the global bond selloff. The firm saw outflows of $29.4 billion during the second quarter as investors fled bonds due to Fed rate hikes triggered by sky-high inflation. High-interest rates make bonds less attractive. This was after the California-based company saw $14.3 billion drawn by investors in the first quarter. Analysts at Citigroup noted that the outflows during the second quarter were much higher than expected. The fund company has been trying to navigate a less than ideal fixed income environment where high levels of inflation not seen in a generation are eroding the value of their bond holdings. Overall, Pimco’s parent company, Allianz, saw its third-party assets under management fall to $1.83 billion.

Finsum: Amid the global bond selloff, active bond manager PIMCO saw massive outflows for the second straight quarter.

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