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Wednesday, 04 October 2023 05:25

Multi dimensional

The power of – expansion.

That’s what Dimensional Fund Advisors is doing, expanding its exchange traded fund offerings with seven new ETFs, according to thinkadvisor.com.

They come onboard with the US Core Equity 1 ETF and upcoming launches of three global fixed income ETFs and a U.S. Large Cap Vector ETF, which were launched not long ago.

“We continue to evolve our investment offering to meet demand from financial professionals and add value,” Co-CEO and Chief Investment Officer Gerard O’Reilly said in a release. “These ETFs are another set of tools in Dimensional’s growing lineup, which we expect will meet diverse investor needs across asset classes and geographies.”

To build your own ETF portfolio – or discover a one ticket option – you might consider the MoneySense ETF finder tool, according to moneysense.ca.

For jacking up growth, investors can build a core portfolio and delve into other investing options. You can, say, pluck an investment in ETFs with themes. They might range from electric vehicles to artificial intelligence.

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Monday, 24 October 2022 11:21

Strong Dollar Boosting Small Caps

Small-cap stocks appear to be having their moment this year outperforming their large-cap peers. The S&P 600 small-cap index is currently on pace to outperform the S&P 500 for the first time since 2016. One reason for their outperformance is a strong U.S. dollar. This is due to the negative effect that a strong dollar has on the profits of multinational companies. A strong dollar harms U.S. companies that sell goods overseas by making them less affordable. Smaller companies, on the other hand, are more insulated from adverse currency effects as most of their business is done stateside. For instance, companies in the S&P 600 index generate only 20% of their revenue outside the U.S, while companies in the S&P 500 generate 40% of their sales abroad. This had led to some of the largest companies in the U.S warning of currency risks in their latest earnings calls. In addition to a strong dollar, small caps are also benefitting from better valuations. According to FactSet, the S&P 600 is trading at 10.8 times expected earnings over the next 12 months, which is well below the S&P 500’s forward price/earnings ratio of 15.3.

Finsum: Small-cap stocks are outperforming large-cap stocks this year due to a strong U.S. dollar and more attractive valuations.

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The idea of new companies with capitating ideas and a high ceiling for growth wet your whistle? Small cap ETFs might be just your ticket, according to benzinga.com.

Opposed to large cap companies, the likelihood of exponential gains among small cap stocks is greater. On top of that, many smaller cap companies aren’t yet in the wheelhouse of institutional investors, the site continued. Plucking down cash on only a firm or two probably isn’t a sage move since smaller firms experience a certain rate of hitting the skids

Make way for small cap ETFs.


Best Small Cap ETFs:

The Best Overall: iShares Russell 2000 ETF

The Best for Active Traders: iShares Core S&P Small Cap ETF

The Best International Fund: Vanguard FTSE All-World ex-U.S. Small Cap ETF

The Best Growth Fund: SPDR S&P 600 Small Cap Growth ETF

The Best Value Fund: Vanguard Small Cap Value ETF

The Best Fund for Income: WisdomTree U.S. Small Cap Dividend ETF

According to thestreet.com, the Schwab U.S. Small Cap ETF is the top small cap ETF to add to your portfolio. While it tracks the Dow Jones U.S. Small-Cap Total Stock Market Index, it's not the S&P 600 Small Cap index or the Russell 2000. However, when it comes to exposure, it’s essentially the same.

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Tuesday, 23 August 2022 02:14

Tech Stocks In Major Trouble

Sure tech investors have had their share of ups and downs, but they have been largely insulated from the market’s bigger losses but things could change. The underlying trends in the technology sector are looking as bad as they have in a long time. There is severe weakness in consumer-oriented hardware products. Moreover, as supply chains relax these prices could fall further. Additionally, sub-sectors such as enterprise tech spending are starting to deteriorate. The weakening demand is beginning to show at the company level as earnings season shows signs of weakness in technology. While there have been outliers such as Cisco, the market might not be ready for widespread tech deterioration.

Finsum: The other huge problem is rising interest rates and rampant inflation which lower the value of future earnings and make growth stocks less attractive.

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Wednesday, 02 February 2022 19:13

Goldman and Morgan Get Very Bearish

David Kostin, a strategist at Goldman Sachs Group Inc., took a bearish tilt on U.S. stocks worrying about risks that may be on the road ahead. Goldman is far from the only bear on Wallstreet, Michael Wilson of Morgan Stanley says that the fair value of the S&P 500 is closer to 4,000. This would be a 10% downturn in the S&P if fully realized. Goldman isn’t that pessimistic but if real U.S. treasury yields rise 60 basis points then that will be their baseline. The median forecast is still quite positive for the S&P 500 by the end of the year with a target price close to around 5,100. However, Wallstreet says the antidote is to focus on quality and energy stocks.

FINSUM: Wall street is forgetting how bad sustained realized inflation will be for the market; it's without a doubt the biggest risk, because companies are used to operating with systematic sub 2% inflation.

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