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Climate Change Anathema to Republicans


On the issue of climate change, Republican lawmakers are almost unanimous in their opinions. When asked if climate change is real, they almost unilaterally say “no”. This stance is a far cry from Republican policy of decades ago, when members of the party led the push for acknowledgement of the topic. However, new political realities, such as the fact the most Republican lawmakers hold seats in states who are economically dominated by energy production, has meant that there is everything to lose from taking a “pro-Green” stance, and much to gain from combating the theory. As such, Republicans have become enraged by President Obama’s executive order to implement the EPA’s guidelines to cut coal emissions 30% by 2030. The reason why is that many of the coal plants that Obama’s order will effectively close are major centers of employment in Republican states, such as Kentucky, where coal is a dominant industry.


FINSUM: It is disheartening to see that because of parochial interests an entire party can plainly deny the existence of a well-documented phenomenon that is affecting the world and paralyse Congress in the process.

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