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Juncker Seeks to Mend Ties to UK


After British PM David Cameron’s fierce push to block Jean-Claude Juncker’s EU Commission presidency, the newly nominated leader is seeking to mend ties with Cameron and the UK. Speaking about Cameron’s opposition to his appointment, Juncker said he was “fully committed to finding solutions to the political concerns of the UK”. Meanwhile David Cameron stuck to his position and believed his personal standing in the EU had grown as a result of not backing down in the face of pressure. However, politicians at home, such as Labour leader Ed Miliband, believe Cameron has put all of Britain’s economy in jeopardy, saying “he could not build alliances and his threats succeeded only in turning a Europe that was divided over the best candidate for commission president into a Europe united against him”. Conservatives hope that a unified front will help them win domestic elections next year and then hold the EU referendum they so desire.


FINSUM: Cameron has now definitively lost his battle to block Juncker and much is riding on how he, Britain, and the rest of Europe try to mend fences or simply go separate ways.

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