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Thursday, 31 August 2023 13:11

A “perfect investment?” In the name of MPT

Perfecto. A perfect 10.

And that’s not to mention the “perfect investment?”, which, in all likelihood, you’d like to see manifest in, among other things, high returns and low risk. While such an investment – despite the development of all; sorts of methods and strategies – might be all but unattainable, modern portfolio strategy or MPT’s come as close as any, according to investopdia.com.

Looking at the expected risk and return of one specific stock falls short of the mark, according to MPT. Rather, sock your money in more than one; that way, an investor can reap the benefits of diversity. That includes shoring back the risk of the portfolio.

Probably not surprisingly, like pretty much everything else, MPT has its limits, according to yourwealth.com. Its perceived positives aside, in the clutches of economic downturns, certain aspects of MPT could be placed under a microscope. Not to mention the fact of when various asset classes don’t necessarily balance one another.

Nevertheless, potentially, MPT can smooth out the returns of a portfolio and put a lid on volatility while, perhaps, dispending earnings down the road.


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A gaggle of financial advisors will assign clients to a pre built mode portfolio, according to smartasset.com.

Why, pre tell? Well, given that pinpointing which investments will abet your ability to hit your financial goals isn’t exactly a walk in, say, Central Park, instead of building a portfolio of investments from ground zero, they’ll opt instead for a model portfolio, already built.

Why invest in a model portfolio:


Research and Professional Analysis



Don’t want to tackle a do it yourself approach to investing? Model portfolios can be your ticket. But prior to sinking your bread into it, it’s incumbent upon you to not only grasp how it works, but to compare fees.

And a reminder: if you’ve been putting dollars in ready made curated portfolios, it’s a good idea to check the type of registration offered by the managers the curated portfolios have with market regulator Sebi, according to livemint.com.

Registered as a research analyst? Well, that means that offering model portfolios is off the boards, based on observations of Sebi’s settlement, which was order dated in May,

Ultimately, all the curated portfolios offered by research analysts in the market’s likely to be impacted.

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Wednesday, 16 August 2023 04:35

Quote unquote

Ask yourself: how do you think you’d respond to any investment product quoting a yield of at least 10%?, stated thestreet.com.

Off the top of your head, umm…okay, sure? Well, okay, that might be because, to capture a nosebleed level like that, usually, the fund’s rife with risk or the yield’s not sustainable.

Reasonably speaking, the highest yield you can reach on the fixed income side stems from junk bonds. Currently, the iShares High Yield Corporate Bond ETF chimes at approximately 8%.

Meantime, looking north, for this cycle, Canadian interest rate are looking at their high. What’s more, given the reopening boom and rate hike cycle are, by in large, in the rearview mirror, the time’s optimal to peak again at fixed income allocations, according to privatewealth-insights.bmo.com.

When inflation’s less than 3%, the top 15 industries are nearly all cyclical. Not long ago, Canada’s Consumer Price Index receded below that level. In the aftermath of a Fed pause, multiple sectors and, as a whole, the market, tends to perform well six and 12 months afterwards.

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Wednesday, 16 August 2023 04:19

There’s always the alternative

In one corner of the investment world: the traditionalists; in the other, the alternatives.

A survey of 191 investment professionals from February 14, 2023 to April 7of this year showed a mounting interest in alternative investments among professionals, at 28%, predating the pandemic, according to thestreet.com.

"As traditional stock and bond asset classes suffered from losses and volatility in 2022, it's not surprising that interest in alternative investments increased among financial professionals. However, overall use of alternatives remains relatively low,” 2023 FPA President James Lee, CFP, CRPC, AIF, said in a press release.


While alternative investments are catching the attention of some financial advisers, the survey highlighted that over 90 percent of investment professionals currently use or recommend exchange-traded funds (ETFs).

Unlike traditional assets, of course, alternative investments aren’t subject to US Securities and Exchange Commission regulatory requirements, according to coresignal.com. That’s significant since it translates in further room for speculative investment practices.

There’s a scant link between alternative assets and the stock market – not to mention other conventional investments, according to coresignal.com. Consequently, they’re not required to react to market conditions as they shift. For conventional securities, it’s a different story.

Alternative investments, fueled by high fees and minimums, typically are accessible to institutional investors exclusively.

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Wednesday, 26 April 2023 04:09

Caution’s the word

You strategize, financial advisors.

According to Fidelity Investments, the portfolios they’re putting together for clients reflect not only swelling caution but returning to diversification globally, reported investmentnews.com.

“This isn’t just about moving to cash when you sense trouble, we’re seeing allocations dialing up safety within the individual asset classes,” said Mayank Goradia, head of investment product analytics and strategy at Fidelity Institutional.

Among items that rose above the pack in Goradia’s report: a 32% average allocation to fixed income across all the model portfolios. That’s the highest level since the first quarter of last year. 

Meantime, here’s a regular Rubik’s cube of a process for you: turning the financial portfolio of a prospect – or existing client – to the recommended investment strategy, according to advent.com.

Hardcore diligence oversight along with the right tools, constraints – such as taxes and restrictions – can at least temporarily put the process on ice and, over time, take a portion of the client base off-model. The result: performance dispersion like investment goals.

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