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Wednesday, 10 July 2024 05:18

Going Local is the Latest Trend in Wine

This summer brings a chance to refresh your wine experience by exploring local wines, visiting new wineries, and shaking up your routine to discover fresh and exciting vintages. Engage with local wine merchants and delve into the wines of different regions or varieties. 


Supporting local wine regions and occasionally splurging on a special bottle can elevate your wine journey. When traveling, seek out regional wines and visit local wineries to expand your palate. Encourage restaurants to feature local wines by asking about them, helping to boost their visibility. 


Embrace the adventure of trying something new, guided by recommendations from wine experts. This year, keep an eye out for trends like wines from minority and female winemakers, sustainable packaging, and alternative wine options.

Finsum: I think the combination of pairing a winery you know and one that is new for a tasting day allows a more intricate tasting experience.

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Sunday, 23 June 2024 14:55

Arts and Wine Pair Perfectly

Sip and paint parties have become a popular social activity, combining the enjoyment of painting with the relaxation of sipping wine. These events, often hosted in studios or bars, provide all necessary art supplies and a professional instructor to guide participants through creating their own masterpiece. 


The casual, fun atmosphere makes them appealing for people of all skill levels, from beginners to seasoned artists. Beyond creativity, sip and paint parties are great for socializing, offering a unique way to connect with friends or meet new people. They also can be hosted by local artists to get in touch with a different aspect of the community. 


This trend is also seen as a wellness activity, promoting stress relief and mindfulness. With their growing popularity, sip and paint parties have become a favorite for celebrations, corporate team-building events, and novel nights out.

Finsum: This is one of the trendiest ways to engage with the artistic side, but also give wine collectors a chance to dip into their cellar. 

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