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Tuesday, 11 January 2022 21:28

Wells Fargo Ups the Ante on Hiring Measures

Wells Fargo sent out a thank you note to external recruiters for their work and efforts in locking in lots of senior hires in 2021. Well’s is going to continue and extend many of the measures it implemented in 2021 into 2022 such as hiring offers for brokers and higher referral fees for outside recruiters. Wells saw their recruiting and retention drop after their scandal in 2016 and it’s been a continuing effort to get back to par with hires. In addition to all the sweetened deals surrounding recruiting there are also measures such as pay cuts if managers lose brokers or don’t hit sufficient hiring statistics. Well’s decision to close their international business has also been a major contributor to their inability to gain transactions in recruiting efforts.

Finsum: Wells used to stand out for their Broker compensation, however competitors are stepping up, and Wells no longer stands out.

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Wells Fargo is aggressively pushing branch managers to maintain and recruit new brokers with a variety of incentive-based packages. For example, penalties will be in place for a drop in headcount when it comes to year-end bonuses and will include headcount retention and arrivals rather than purely based on overall revenue. Managers say they could lose big if they don’t increase new brokers and retain old ones. Wells has suffered in its ability to retain advisors as of late and is trying to play catch up with the incentives. Separate recruiting and retention bonuses will also be part of next year’s pay incentive structure.

FINSUM: These are drastic pay changes to the management structure; Wells is serious about growing its working base.

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According to COVID Loan Tracker, big banks are not doing a good job getting money moving to those who have applied for PPP loans. In their latest update yesterday afternoon, with around 8,000 companies reporting around $3.5 bn of loans from all 50 states, the large majority are getting approved through small and regional banks. In fact, JP Morgan Chase seems to be the only bank getting any applications approved, as Wells Fargo and Bank of America are showing very few approvals on COVID Loan Tracker, with Citi showing none.


COVID Loan Tracker was started by small business owners Duncan and Rita MacDonald-Korth to help their fellow small business owners understand when PPP and EIDL advance money starts flowing. The site works by crowdsourcing knowledge on applications and loan disbursements. Our goal is to help the small business community and empower journalists with the data they need to keep the government accountable.


Small and regional banks have been leading the charge in approvals all over the country. This is reportedly because many small and regional banks were already set up to process SBA loans as part of their normal course of business before the COVID-19 outbreak. This means they were already familiar and connected to the E-Tran system being used to process the loans by the SBA.

Please help us keep the data flowing!

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(New York)

The epicenter of the financial crisis accompanying the Coronavirus pandemic has undoubtedly become the commercial real estate space. With so many physical businesses bringing in zero revenue, the huge suspension of cash payments is going to flow through to property owners and then to the lenders that financed those building purchases. Multiple parts of that value chain are going to targeted by markets, but Wells Fargo, in particular, looks exposed. The bank has almost 13% of mortgage market share (residential), around double the exposure of JPMorgan Chase and triple that of Bank of America.

FINSUM: The government’s stimulus package offers some good assistance to help support cash flow (via Ginnie Mae), which could soften the blow. But still, it is going to be a painful period.

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Friday, 26 October 2018 12:17

This is the Best Time to Buy Stocks Since 2016

(New York)

Yesterday’s relief rally has already turned sour. Earnings out of Amazon and Google greatly disappointed the market and shot the Nasdaq down as far as 3% in premarket trading. However, despite all the trouble, Wells Fargo says it is the best time to buy stocks since before Trump’s presidency. According to the head of the Wells Fargo Investment Institute, “We believe that this isn’t the end of the cycle or the bull market, and we favor deploying cash now—or even allocating incrementally over the coming days and weeks”, continuing “Current conditions have the potential to create some of the best entry points into equity markets since the November 2016 elections”. That said, Wells Fargo acknowledges that we are at the end of the “easy period” of low volatility and an accommodative Fed.

FINSUM: It is anybody’s guess as to whether this view is right, but we reluctantly tend to agree that stocks are probably going to recover from this bout of volatility sooner rather than later.

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