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Tuesday, 30 July 2019 09:38

Biden Will Be Under Attack Tonight


The first round of the Democratic debates a few weeks ago was a little disappointing from an entertainment perspective. All the candidates seemed loathe to argue with one another, so the overall debate didn’t have the electric atmosphere that many of the candidates seem to have outside the debate venue. However, tonight and tomorrow should be different, as Joe Biden is likely to be under heavy attack as the frontrunner. The field of candidates is thinning and the stakes are much higher this time, which means there are likely to be more aggressive tactics. Biden himself has said he won’t be so friendly this time around.

FINSUM: If we had to make a call right now, we would say that Trump is likely to win re-reelection. Our reasoning is simple—the candidate most likely to win the Democratic bid is probably the one most tolerable to Republicans (i.e. Biden), which means the average American voter is more skewed to the right than to the left.

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Tuesday, 30 April 2019 11:52

Biden Takes the Lead


New polling data has come out since Joe Biden, former vice president, announced his candidacy. In a development that may come as a surprise, poll numbers are showing him as the Democratic front runner, unseating Bernie Sanders. 39% of Democrats or Democrat-leaning voters say he is their top choice for the candidacy. That figure is up from 28% in March.

FINSUM: It looks like Biden’s reputation hasn’t been tarnished much by the negative press lately. That said, we still favor Bernie to get the nomination on the Democratic side.

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