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Monday, 06 July 2020 14:48

Stocks Surge on Chinese Announcement

(New York)

Markets were up big today on news out of China. The day started with Chinese stocks surging on news from the government—Chinese state media told its people that they should load up on stocks. This sent hopes for a recovery soaring around the global and markets rose strongly. Beyond the state’s endorsement, the Chinese economy does seem to be dong well. “In recent weeks the data has looked very positive from China. Its economy is back in motion, and that should lift global equities a bit”, summarized Principal Global Investors chief strategist, Seema Shah.

FINSUM: The state media announcement seems a bit hollow, but since real economic data in China appears to be improving, the overall direction looks positive.

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Wednesday, 17 June 2020 10:23

Expect Markets to be “Violent”

(New York)

Evercore put out an interesting prediction today. The bank, which has a strong research team, says that the market is likely to be “violent” in the near term. They also added a twist—that it would be “violently flat”, meaning it would have sharps up and downs on but the whole remain around the same levels. Evercore highlights the upsides and risks this way, saying “A significant COVID second wave would continue to drive asset prices lower, but with vaccine development continuing, little correlation between economic re-openings and increased case growth and hospitalization data at the national level”. That said, longer term, they are quite bullish, arguing that there will be a “sharp rebound”.

FINSUM: The news flow is going to mean that stocks are very volatile for the foreseeable future. Increased case growth one day, and then a big jump in retail sales the next.

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(New York)

If you are upset about the market’s mini-correction last week, don’t worry, it is going to fall more, says Morgan Stanley. In what comes across as almost an insult to regular investors, Morgan Stanley’s research team says stocks may fall another 7% from opening levels today, but that such a fall was “healthy”. On the whole, Morgan Stanley’s position was positive, saying “We maintain our positive view for U.S. equity markets because it’s early in a new economic cycle and bull market. Last week’s correction was overdue and likely has another 5-7% downside. It’s healthy and we are buyers into weakness with a small/mid-cap and cyclical tilt”.

FINSUM: We have definitely entered a new economic cycle, and with it, perhaps a new market cycle. However, the pace with which stocks came back makes one worry the market cycle has not actually reset itself.

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(New York)

Stocks are tumbling today on worries that a second wave, and a prolonged economic downturn, are becoming a reality. The Dow opened down 2.4%. Several US states have seen their weekly COVID cases spiking, and total US cases are now over 2 million. Coupled with some not-great economic data from around the world, all 11 S&P 500 sectors are down today. One asset manager in London summed up the situation nicely, saying “The timeline for the virus is being extended. It’s becoming clear that it’s a choice of allowing economies to open and take the public health hit, or lockdown countries and take the economic hit”.

FINSUM: This is tough for investors, but it is hard to argue that markets are not being rational.

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(New York)

It seems to all be crashing down as we write. The markets had just eliminated all losses for the year and were above or near all-time highs (e.g. the Nasdaq). However, the market has all he hallmarks of irrational exuberance—indexes priced for such unlikely perfect outcomes that they just can’t stand. At 22x forward earnings, valuations are right around where they were in the tech bubble. The economy is likely to take two years to recover from the virus, but the markets only took two months.

FINSUM: The market seems to be getting a reality check this week. Legitimate fears of a second wave are growing as re-opening states are seeing hospitalizations surge.

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