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Friday, 09 March 2018 10:19

Why Small Caps are the Best Choice Right Now

(New York)

There are currently a lot of catalysts for small caps. The idea of favoring the segment started around the time of Trump’s election, when import tariffs seemed likely. Trump’s America first stance was also generally seen as favorable to small caps, which tend to have a high proportion of domestic sales compared to their larger cap peers. Now, with Trump set to implement metal tariffs and the threat of a trade war looking like a reality, small caps may once again shine, as they would be shielded from most of the international trade fallout. Furthermore, small caps will benefit the most from the new tax cut package.

FINSUM: There are a lot of catalysts that will help small caps. It seems like a great time to buy.

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Thursday, 25 January 2018 11:06

Big Dangers in Small Caps

(New York)

Small cap stocks are off to a good start this year, up over 3% this month. Furthermore, a strong start tends to signal good gains for the whole year. There is a lot of reason to be positive—the economy is good, regulations are being rolled back, and the bull market for small caps is much younger (less than two years since a big correction). However, risks abound, according to Barron’s, especially in the long-term. Valuations are still high by historical standards, and are actually higher than they first appear. Smaller companies are also more in-debt and more exposed to interest rate rises than many realize.

FINSUM: We think small caps will keep rising so long as the broader market does. Also, the fact that they had a 25% correction which ended in February 2016 gives them a bit more breathing room than their large cap peers.

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