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Friday, 29 April 2022 12:42

REITs For Dividend Income

Most people think of alternatives as either a hedge in their portfolio against traditional market swings, or a big return generator with more risk, but REITs can be a great income generator. Dynex Captial is a great REIT with a 10.38% dividend as of April, and Citadel is a huge holder in the company. Gladstone Commercial real estate has a strong 6.71% dividend and never misses its distribution so it’s ultra-reliable. Finally, LTC Properties has a similar 6.31% dividend but has strong hedge fund love.  Their recent acquisition of LuxeRehab is a signal of their strength and has a good track record with tenants.

Finsum: REITs have lots of dividend options and are a good income alternative for those seeking a solution in this market, however it does have risk. 

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Wednesday, 16 March 2022 20:01

Here is a Great Inflation Antidote

Many investors have moved off of REITs and they are trading well below their 200-day moving averages. This makes them a value proposition, particularly as volatility starts to rise. Uncertainty particularly around Ukraine and Russia is fueling volatility but its uncorrelated with REIT volatility which gives it a huge risk advantage on top of it all they are more robust to inflation. Two great REITs to consider with great value at the moment are Alexandria Real Estate Equities and Crown Castle International. These REITs have healthcare and telecom exposures respectively which are in a particularly attractive position as healthcare spending is a higher portion of budgets and 5G is exploding.

Finsum: It’s easy to see that alternatives should be seeing inflows given the volatility in traditional equity and bond markets.

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Monday, 07 March 2022 19:07

REITs are an All-Time Buy Right Now!

Financial markets are extremely volatile as of late and that's putting it lightly, but REITs might be perfectly insulated at this moment and a great option. One of the largest sources of volatility is Russia and Ukraine but real estate is a local business and a solid option for those looking to alternatives. Another source of market risk is inflation however, real estate generally benefits from inflation. House prices outpace it and fixed-rate financing means debtors pay back less over time. Real estate also has leased on a long-term basis and insulted to most short-term shocks, and is a safe haven from typical equity volatility. Finally, if more turmoil suppresses interest rates then this will increase demand for real estate moving forward.

Finsum: We see the huge outperformance potential for real estate because of how uncorrelated the rate of return is with the rest of the markets right now.

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Monday, 07 February 2022 20:18

UBS Says to Buy the Dip on Real Estate

The pandemic affected the economy in a variety of different ways, but combinations of unemployment and work from strategies caused a mass exodus from major American cities and New York has been no exception. However, UBS Group AG says that is about to change. They are recommending investments into REITs, e-commerce ETFs, and fintech/smart mobility in order to be a part of the comeback. A combination of higher vaccination rates and more tolerance for state and local governments to avoid shutdowns will help spur New York's comeback. They particularly cite Manhattan’s REITs for having a fruitful future.

FINSUM: More jobs than ever have moved fully remote and it's questionable whether the city lifestyle will be as appealing if it's not necessarily a requirement.

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Tuesday, 28 December 2021 22:09

How to Outperform with REITs

Everyone and their dog is searching for viable alternatives because omicron has the stock market skittish and there’s absolutely no yield in bond markets. This has many investors turning to REITs, but how do you find the outperformers. There are six key metrics to look out for: a high fund from operations, total cash from operations growth, high liquidity ratios, accelerated dividend growth rates, a good-sized market cap, and finally price gain. These are the most important factors when evaluating REITs. Some of the best examples in these leading categories are Prologis, Essential Properties, Innovative Industrial Properties, and Life Storage Inc.

FINSUM: Alternatives could have their most promising year yet with all the outflows from the bond market coming in.

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