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Monday, 22 May 2023 13:47

FINRA means business

Seems the referee threw a flag.

Between January 2018 and December 2021, SW Financial, based in Melville, New York, and the co owner of the firm, Thomas Diamante, made material misrepresentations, neglecting to include material information linked with the sale of private placements offerings of pre-IPO securities, according to thinkadvisor.com. It was a duo violation; of FINRA rules and Reg Bi’s Disclosure Obligation as well.

According to Reg Bi’s Disclosure Obligation, it’s incumbent upon broker dealers – as well as those associated – to provide investor clients, “with full and fair written disclosure, prior to or at the time of a recommendation, of all material facts relating to conflicts of interest associated with the recommendation,” as spelled out by FINRA.   

Although it’s FINRA’s maiden expulsion, it’s not its first enforcement action evolving around Reg Bi, which has been around since 2020, according to the National Review.

By year’s end, FINRA pronounced, compliance examinations of 1,000 broker-dealers would be conducted.

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Monday, 01 May 2023 06:25

Is ESG Trend Fizzling Out?

In an article for CNNBusiness, Nicole Goodkind discussed some reasons why the ESG trend may have peaked and examines if it this is a positive development. 


In Q1, total assets under management of ESG funds declined by $163 billion. And, this trend has continued in Q2. This is despite ESG funds modestly outperforming the broader market. 

A major factor is that inflows into energy stocks picked up following the war between Russia and Ukraine. Another is that ESG investing is becoming a political issue with many conservative states looking to ban use of ESG considerations in investment decisions by state-run funds. 

According to Robert Jenkins, the head of global research at Lipper, ESG investing as a seperate entity will likely be phased out. Instead, ESG ratings will simply be another metric to evaluate investments. 

He sees ESG investing evolving into a more mature phase. This phase will be less hype-driven and politically contentious. Instead, the focus will be on standardazing data and ratings so that investors can make better decisions. Overall, it could certainly be positive as it would dissuade companies from ‘greenwashing’ to game ESG ratings, while still allowing investors to include these factors in their decision-making process. 

Finsum: ESG investing may have peaked in terms of popularity especially as it’s become a political target. However, the trend may be moving into a more mature phase.


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Wednesday, 14 December 2022 12:25

ESGs…someone say hors oeuvres?

You could say when it comes to blue plate specials, ESGs are on the menu.  Make it two. Take a look at the environment. The GOP’s gearing up and, almost inevitably, when the new year hits, a gaggle of House committees will kick off hearings to deal with what some members of the grand party see as the threat ESG poses to a host of issues: investor returns, the country’s oil and gas industry, energy security, universal equal opportunity, according to forbes.com.  

And, hey, stick around. More very well might be lurking around the corner. Then there’s Europe’s stake. With assets managers taking in fresh regulatory proposals that could send the Europe’s largest ESG fund category into a tailspin, there’s a plan by its markets watchdog, ESMA, according to linkedin.com. The upshot of the plan: set quantifiable ESG and sustainable investing standards, which is compelling portfolio managers to think twice about the way they design and market an ESG fund class – Article 8.



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Monday, 10 October 2022 04:27

Clients bending the ears of their advisors

Is this tune, some might ask, on auto pilot?

Market conditions, particularly given the atypical transition from one week, month and quarter into a new period on each scale, are rife with uncertainty, according to dailyfx.com.

Contributing to the volatility, of course, is a trio of factors: the perpetually changing backdrop surrounding investor sentiment and economic forecast, not to mention where things are down the road.

Meantime, probably not surprisingly, fanned by burgeoning inflation and interest rates, which are cultivating qualms about a potential recession, clients are airing out their trepidations with their financial advisors, according to cnbc.com.

As for further hikes? Buckle up, especially since, in the name of warding off inflation, the Fed ratcheted interest rates by 0.75% basis points in September – for the third straight time, to boot.

The predominant concern for clients given the economic environment: “What the labor environment is going to look like and what their risk is as far as unemployment goes,” said certified financial planner Douglas Boneparth, president of Bone Fide Wealth in New York. Their clients are largely between ages 28 and 42.

“At this point it’s speculation,” Boneparth said. “It’s hard to point to data that says we need to be concerned right now.”



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