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In a year when almost every S&P 500 sector was in the red, the energy sector surged 64.56%, according to S&P data. While the portfolios of energy investors looked great, energy bills for the home were another story. High energy prices took a bite out of the household budgets for many. However, a reversal seems to be in play this month. The energy sector is now under pressure as natural-gas prices have fallen more than 60% from their 52-week high due to a warmer-than-expected winter. While energy prices falling is good for household budgets, it’s bad news for energy stock investors. Matt Portillo, head of research at Tudor, Pickering, Holt, told Barron’s that “The warmer-than-expected winter pulled forward the expected decline in natural gas price. Stocks could fall an additional 20% to 30% until they find a bottom.” Wall Street analysts expect more volatility in natural-gas prices in the months ahead, but patient investors can look forward to better valuations for energy stocks in the second half of the year. Paul Diamond, an analyst at Citigroup, wrote in a note Tuesday that “We expect the coming volatility to present a better entry point than is currently available and expect recent volatility to persist through the winter, at which point eyes will turn to the build for next winter.”

Finsum:With natural gas prices falling due to a warmer-than-expected winter, energy stock prices have taken a hit, which could lead to more attractive valuations in the second half of the year.

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Wednesday, 07 December 2022 03:05

Energy CEOs Speaking Less About ESG

CEOs of top U.S. energy companies are speaking less about climate and carbon emissions, according to a Bloomberg analysis of quarterly conference calls held by 172 American oil and gas companies. The data showed how terms such as “climate change”, “energy transition” and “net zero” have been coming up with less frequency in recent conversations with analysts and investors. For instance, in fossil fuel suppliers’ conference calls this quarter, the use of language that alludes to environmental, social, and governance topics was down by more than 40% from peak levels in 2021. In fact, mentions of the terms “climate change,” “energy transition,” “emissions,” and “renewables” have all decreased. The analysis was based on an automated search of terms related to ESG issues in transcripts of quarterly earnings calls from publicly traded energy companies that hold calls in English. Prior to this year, energy companies were under pressure to slash greenhouse gas emissions, which led to a spike in discussions about ESG. But with fossil-fuel profits now soaring, ESG mentions have fallen, signaling that the industry’s focus on ESG might be fading.

Finsum:With fossil-fuel profits soaring, U.S. energy CEOs are speaking less and less about ESG.

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Monday, 03 October 2022 16:18

Texas ESG Statute Targets Non-ESG Funds

A Texas statute that targets environmental, social, or governance funds, includes a notable number of funds that don’t have an ESG focus. Out of 348 funds singled out by Texas Comptroller Glenn Hegar, 14% don’t qualify as ESG, according to Morningstar. In addition, almost 40% of the funds invest in the oil and gas industry based on data compiled by Bloomberg. The findings highlight just how much ESG investing has become a hot-button political issue. In fact, many of the leaders of investment firms that have been attacked for pushing ESG policies, have themselves been attacked for their continued investment in the oil and gas industry. In regards to the findings, Hortense Bioy, Global Director of Sustainability Research at Morningstar stated, “The fact that many funds on the banned fund list hold companies involved in the oil and gas industry raises questions about the research done by the Texas comptroller on these investments. Clearly, these funds aren’t boycotting energy companies.”

Finsum: A significant number of funds singled out by Texas Comptroller Glenn Hegar due to their ESG activities, don’t qualify as ESG.

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As geopolitical factors lead to a reevaluation of a number of beliefs in the spectrum, currently -- like the first half of the year – the terrain continues to be rife with environmental, social and governance (ESG) matters, according to corpgov.law.harvared.edu.

While some forecasts laid out by the group in its February post “ESG: 2021 Trends and Expectations for 2022,” were on the dime, other were stymied by unexpected circumstances.  They included, for instance, the reverberations from the Ukraine invasion, a spike in regulatory scrutiny and some blowback from U.S. Supreme Court rulings. 

During the first six months of the year, the Russian intrusion of Ukraine took a hefty toll on ESG trends and performance, according to the site. The fire was lit under oil and gas prices, while the performance of ESY-focused funds lagged.

Then there’s the bigger picture, in which 47% of advisors concur that ESG investments in DC plans would play a role on environmental, social, and corporate governance on a macroeconomic level, according to loma.org. Occasional advisors? Well, they’re more likely to expect ESGs in DC plans to impact conditions more widely. 

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Wednesday, 20 April 2022 19:36

Natural Gas Surges to Over Decade High

Oil has been dominating headlines but natural gas prices skyrocketed to a t 13 year high on the back of Russia’s war on Ukraine. To add to the fodder temperature forecasts for spring are remarkably low which means homes will be utilizing more natural gas in order heat homes. Overall prices are $8.05 per million British thermal units and are up 108% through the year already. Financial markets aren’t sure this price increase is permanent and Citi has only raised their end price target to $4.60 by the end of 2022.

Finsum: Keep an eye on natural gas bonds as just like oil surging, it could mean good things for companies ability to repay.

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