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NDVR, a Boston-based advisor that combines technology and dedicated financial advisors to build and manage custom portfolios for high-net-worth investors, recently announced new capabilities that allow it to create hyper-customized portfolios reflecting the socially responsible investing values of individual clients. These new capabilities are part of the firm’s Unified Equity strategy, which includes direct indexing, active factors, tax-loss harvesting, and SRI. The company builds portfolios that directly reflect the values of its clients while targeting a combination of growth, volatility, and future cash-flow requirements. To incorporate SRI, NDVR will utilize data generated by the non-profit shareholder advocacy organization As You Sow's Invest Your Values screening platform. NDVR’s custom portfolios are designed to deliver what the firm calls Construction Alpha™, the aggregate performance enhancements expected from investment alpha, cost savings, and tax efficiency.

Finsum:NDVR, an advisor that offers customized portfolios through direct indexing, announced that its portfolios will now reflect the SRI values of individual investors.

Published in Wealth Management
Wednesday, 20 April 2022 19:44

ESG: The Next Wave in Annuities

Everyone is racing to develop and deliver a new ESG product, and annuities are just the latest on this trend. BlackRock is teaming up with RetireOne and Midland National to deliver an SG option for a Fixed Index Annuity. The index will seek to minimize its exposure to environmental risk and invest in companies with lower C02 emissions, better data privacy, and workforce diversity. ESG assets as a whole could make up 50% or more of assets under management by 2025 and this is an indication of how that trend is entering other industries. Disclosure and ESG risks are prominent considerations for many companies.

Finsum: This is a great option for investors wanting income and ESG to tackle two birds with one stone.

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Wednesday, 20 April 2022 19:42

The Next Wave of Socially Responsible Models

Charles Stanley is diving deeper into ESG with a new suite of model portfolios geared at responible passive investing. Jane Bansgrove will manage the model portfolios and is the investment director of Charles Stanley’s responsible investment committee. Studies have shown that many have put more emphasis on ESG and sustainability due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The funds will be available across different risk levels with different target growth rates that correspond to them. They are designed to be low cost and efficient like many other passive ESG funds.

Finsum: Model portfolios are a natural marriage with ESG, because thematic investing caters itself to a model that can make selections.

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Monday, 14 March 2022 20:38

Global Oil Surge Puts ESG on Backburner

ESG and other socially conscious investing is all fine and dandy when energy prices are modest, however the sharp spike in energy has many reorganizing their priorities. There was already an upward trajectory pre-Russian invasion due to OPEC+ supply constraints but that has escalated with Biden’s latest sanctions. The war is putting pressure on key commodities that are slowing many green energy initiatives and renewable policy proposals. More Americans than ever are worried about the prices at the pumps and calling for expansion in drilling to expand supply. So no matter the political pressure ESG is facing an uphill climb at the moment.

Finsum: This could put more pressure on long term green energy proposals as this crisis highlights dependence on fossil fuels.

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Thursday, 17 February 2022 17:51

ESG Key to Direct Indexing Success

Direct indexing is in its infancy in UK and Euro area, whereas across the pond it has taken off quickly. Driving the growth in the U.S. is the ability for direct and custom indexing to accommodate the US tax system and those benefits just aren’t present in Europe. However, ESG is a well-developed market and direct indexing is turning the heads of many ESG investors for its custom approach. Experts say the institutional knowledge in Europe could make it a haven for direct indexing because larger ETFs take too simple of an approach. Morgan Stanley’s Paramterics sees a natural marriage of these industries because experts can develop more robust indices or individual investors can drop the greenwashers from the indices they are tracking.

Finsum: ESG could vault direct indexing to the investing frontier in the way that tax-loss harvesting has in the U.S.

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