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Tuesday, 13 November 2018 09:16

Why it is the Right Time to Buy Amazon


Amazon has seen some significant volatility lately. A weak earnings report sent the stock plummeting, and weaker top line growth is making some worry. The stock is down 17% since the beginning of October. However, the company’s bottom line seems likely to grow strongly as it starts to benefit from its massive scale. A Nomura analyst summarized the situation best (and interestingly), saying “AMZN’s size and scale are eclipsing its ability to suppress margins … Put simply, it seems AMZN sales and GP [gross profit] dollars are growing faster than their ability to spend”.

FINSUM: We don’t think Amazon is in trouble by any means. The company is just transitioning into a more mature state where topline growth will slow, but margins will rise.

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Tuesday, 06 November 2018 10:03

Amazon to Split New Headquarters


The Wall Street Journal ran a major headline on Amazon’s search for a new headquarters yesterday. The newspaper says that Amazon is now planning to not host a single headquarters but open two new smaller offices, splitting the total of 50,000 new hires between two locations. New York and Northern Virginia are said to be the choices. The WSJ says Amazon decided to have two because it would make hiring the tech talent they want easier.

FINSUM: While they were under no obligation follow through, this development does seem a little unfair to the cities bidding. Cities put in resources to get the full as-promised HQ from Amazon, so only getting half the return is perhaps a little disappointing (though still very positive).

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Monday, 05 November 2018 10:29

It’s Time to Buy Amazon


Amazon has been hit hard lately. The company’s surprise earnings caught the market off guard, which led to a big tumble in the shares, with the stock dropping over 10%. However, that presents a good buying opportunity, says Barron’s. The market was nervous because of the slowdown in revenue growth, but according to one analyst “We believe revenue growth is becoming a less relevant metric for Amazon given the outsize growth of the company’s cloud and advertising businesses”.

FINSUM: Amazon is still a fast growing business, but it is becoming more mature, which means expanding margins are going to be a key metric to watch. That is an area the company is excelling in.

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Tuesday, 23 October 2018 09:20

Amazon’s HQ2 is Moving Capital


The hype over Amazon’s pending second headquarters is making quite a splash, and not just at the local level or in the media. Several investment funds, large and small, are or will deploy significant capital in trying to chase the real estate returns that seem likely to accompany the new location. Amazon says the new headquarters will employ 50,000 people over the next two decades, and existing tech-focused cities have seen huge gains in real estate on the back of the highly paid work force. Accordingly, several funds are being established to quickly buy real estate in the city that wins the new headquarters.

FINSUM: Buying real estate in the winning city seems like a very good long-term bet. We wonder how locals in these “finalist” cities are feeling given the upside and downside of Amazon coming.

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Wednesday, 17 October 2018 08:58

Retail Stocks with Room to Run

(New York)

Retail stocks have come back in a big way since their slump in 2017. The whole sector seems to be having a revival in investors’ minds, but challenges remain. Rising costs pressures, tariff complications, and a looming backlog of inventory all look bleak. Consumer spending this Christmas may also be subdued. With valuations high again, there are still some great undervalued names, according to Barron’s. For instance, take a look at Nike, Tiffany, and Amazon.

FINSUM: We hardly think Amazon is a retail stock with room to run. That said, Nike and Tiffany are much more interesting as value picks.

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