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There are many reasons why an advisor might decide to switch their broker-dealer or custodian: better culture, a more supportive environment, or innovative solutions for their clients, to name a few. While these are valid reasons to consider a change, advisors who prepare for their clients’ questions will be thankful they took the time to do so if or when the time comes to move.


A helpful guide is the FINRA post “What to Ask When Your Registered Financial Professional Changes Firms,” published less than a year ago. It recommends questions an investor should ask their financial advisor who is moving firms.


At the top of the list are “Could financial incentives create a conflict of interest for your registered professional?” and “Can you transfer all your holdings?” These are understandable questions your clients might seek answers to, and having transparent and well-thought-out answers will go a long way to easing their concerns, if they have any.


If you are considering a move, check out this article and use it as a guide to prepare your communication with your clients.

Finsum: Considering switching firms as an advisor? Be ready for client questions with insights from FINRA's guide. Clear communication is key!


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Saturday, 12 August 2023 08:30

If it’s good enough for LeBron

Remember when LeBron James declared his intentions to take his talents to South Beach?

Well, that emphasis on talent is no less significant in the financial services industry, emerging as a primary observation of Q1 of the year, according to kaizenrecruitment.com.au.

“It was interesting to note that salaries had noticeably stabilized, and an increasing number of clients are now striving to compete on culture and values as well as through enhancing their broader Employee Value Proposition offering,” the site stated.

Meantime, with the significance of the talent set omnipresent, the more things change….the more financial firms have to adjust their game plan in order to, well, remain competitive in the game, according to empaxis.com.

The impetus behind it all? You might lay it on the usual suspects, including these days following COVID and a terrain seemingly technology centric.

Now, when it comes to recruitment, several obstacles must be overcome in financial services. For one, the numbers tell a story. Staffing’s a concern for four out of five financial institutions, Then there’s age; the average financial advisor’s 55; while one fifth are longer in the tooth at over 65.

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Tuesday, 03 April 2018 09:46

Independents are Boosting Recruitment

(New York)

One of the big developments in the wealth management industry right now is the big increase in recruitment spending by large independent broker-dealers. Even as wirehouses are cutting back on spending, big independents like LPL, Commonwealth, and Raymond James, are spending big on new talent. The payouts are usually being given in the form of forgivable loans. The spending on such payouts has been large, with LPL increasing its budgets for such items to $159.9m in 2017, 17% higher than the year prior.

FINSUM: So while wirehouses have been cutting back, independents have been heating up.

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