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(New York)

Advisors all over the country got a lot of worried phone calls yesterday. Clients are understandably anxious about the mammoth losses over the last week, all punctuated by an almost 5% fall in the Dow yesterday. One advisor from LA says that “We’re reminding them that we knew this was going to happen and that we’ve been planning for it”. Other advisors are reminding their clients that the economy looks strong and that we are not headed into a recession. One Wells Fargo advisor makes a note that looks negative for stocks, saying “A 10-year Treasury yield above 3% would be reasonable competition for equities, and I would be able to replace fixed income maturities with higher yields for the first time in a decade”.

FINSUM: We think this a healthy correction, but that the market will likely continue to move higher. There is nothing fundamentally wrong with the economy, and once the market realizes that higher rates won’t kill stocks, things will get back to normal. However, this maelstrom is a very healthy recognition of risk.

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Friday, 05 January 2018 10:06

A Correction is Near

(New York)

Barron’s has been getting increasingly bearish of late (with the Dow at 25,000 now, we can understand why!), and they have published a bearish article laying out the case for why a correction is looming. The argument has a lot to do with price action, and what the market is showing is that despite reaching a new high, it is coasting rather than gaining momentum. The last trading day of the year—a 118-point loss—was a worrying sign of slowing momentum, and many technical indicators now point to falling prices soon.

FINSUM: One key takeaway from this piece is that despite January being considered a good month for stocks, that is not the case in midterm election years.

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Thursday, 04 January 2018 11:23

Barron’s Calls for Correction

(New York)

Barron’s has put out a headline article by one of their most favored columnists, the well-known Byron Wien, which argues that stocks are in for a 10% correction this year. The argument is that the economy is going to keep doing well, which will lead to speculative buying getting out of hand. This, coupled with higher interest rates, will then cause a pullback of ten percent on the S&P 500 to around 2,300, but the market will rally strongly later, bringing it back to 3,000 for the end of the year.

FINSUM: This is a fairly complex call given the fall-then-rally argument. We overall don’t like this view, as we think if the market falls significantly, it might remain that way for several months.

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