Thursday, 06 December 2018 11:15

These 5 Tech Stocks Will Surge Next Year

(San Francisco)

Amidst all the gloom gripping the markets, there have been a handful of positive publications about 2019. One of them was just put out by Nomura. The bank published a list of 5 tech stocks that might surge in 2019. The call is an ambitious one given the trend of how tech shares have been going. The shares are not all FAANGs either, which makes them more interesting. With further ado, the list is: Google, Amazon, Salesforce, Broadcom, and AT&T.

FINSUM: Amazon seems like a good call to us, especially after its recent declines. The company is going to see increasing margins as it consolidates its dominant position and earns more recurring revenue. Salesforce is also an interesting business.

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Friday, 16 December 2016 00:00

The Trump Rally’s Forgotten Good Buys

(New York)

The Trump Rally has swept many stocks up in its wake, with financials particularly high-flying. However, a number of good buys have been left behind, and this piece helps investors find them. According to Wall Street analysts, more than 20 stocks have upside potential of 20% or more. The stocks listed range in size and the piece includes analyst ratings on each. The list of twenty stocks includes American Tower, Molson Coors Brewing Class B, Eli Lilly, Royal Gold,, Centene, Mallinckrodt and many others.

FINSUM: With valuations so high, we found this piece interesting because it helps one identify some potentially good buys.

Source: Market Watch

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