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Barron’s Says the Bull Market Will Continue

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(New York)

The market is in an odd position. While that could be said on almost any given day, right now is special. Sentiment on stocks does appear to be reaching euphoric levels, but at the same time, there is a large undercurrent of skepticism that makes the situation hard to judge. Well, Barron’s has just put out an article based on the opinion of Bob Doll, a leading fund manager, that argues that the market is set to keep rising. Underpinning stocks is the view that the global economy has strengthened, and while stock volatility may rise, shares are likely to outperform bonds and cash over the next year, says the article. The economy and markets may once again be in a sweet spot, with growth solid and inflation low, allowing central banks to raise rates only slowly, giving markets a nice trajectory.

FINSUM: A pretty compelling view isn’t it? The problem is that it would not take much to turn the nice trajectory into a train wreck.

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