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Why This Bull Market Will Keep Rolling

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Many investors and pundits are worried the bull market is on its last legs. Beset by high valuation, many think stocks are due for a major correction or bear market. However, one of the most respected stock gurus in the industry, Byron Wien, thinks the opposite, saying this bull market has two years or more to run. The main reason for the argument is that the signs that usually portend a bear market simply aren’t there. There is no inverted yield curve (it is actually steepening), and sentiment on stocks is definitely not euphoric. Even hedge funds look cautious; another sign that stocks are not at the stage of collapse. With all this in mind, Wien thinks stocks look good at least until 2019.

FINSUM: While we agree that stocks valuations are worrying, we too feel that the market is not at the overly optimistic state where things begin to unravel. Shares may yet climb this wall of worry.

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