Tuesday, 10 October 2017 10:42

Trump to Rollback EPA Regulations

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President Trump is taking a big step that he has been talking about for a long-time. While in office, President Obama launched the Clean Power Plan to lower greenhouse emissions. The plan has been accused of hurting businesses and coal miners in particular. Trump is now rolling back the plan and getting rid of the requirements. The EPA chief will sign the proposal to reverse the rules today. The move marks another step away from meeting global emissions targets as proposed by the Paris Climate Accord. The CEO of the National Mining Association commented on the reversal, saying “Repealing this Obama-era rule would close a chapter of regulatory overreach that set standards without regard to the steep costs or availability of technology necessary to meet them”.

FINSUM: This will certainly cause deeper divisions not just between Democrats and Republicans, but within Trump’s own party. That said, Trump is taking another step to fulfil his campaign promises.

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