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Russia Retaliates Harshly to US Sanctions

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The US has been pushing hard sanctions on Russia for its meddling in the 2016 US presidential election. But today, the Kremlin is hitting back with an abrupt retaliation. Russia just forced hundreds of US government workers out of their offices in Moscow, as it told the US to vacate its embassy and leave two buildings in the Russian capital. “The passage of the new law on sanctions shows with all obviousness that relations with Russia have become hostage to the domestic political battle within the U.S. … The latest events show that in well-known circles in the United States, Russophobia and a course toward open confrontation with our country have taken hold”. The US House and Senate have both voted overwhelmingly to place sanctions on Russia, but it is unclear if President Trump will sign them.

FINSUM: If you take a step back this whole debacle feels a lot like the 1950s. Relations seem to be deteriorating rapidly.

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