Wednesday, 11 October 2017 10:24

Madrid and Barcelona on Knife Edge

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The standoff between Madrid and Catalonia took an unclear turn yesterday. Facing the prospect of immediate arrest if he declared independence for Catalonia, the region’s leader, Carlos Puigdemont, did not declare full independence when speaking to the region’s parliament yesterday. Instead, he stopped one step short, saying he fully supported independence, but wanted to pursue dialogue. Madrid reacted by not arresting him, but simultaneously threatening to suspend Catalonia’s autonomy and demanding clarity on the region’s position after Puigdemont’s vague speech.

FINSUM: This situation is very tenuous, and it is difficult to predict where it might head. That said, the relationship between Spain and Catalonia seems very inflamed, especially on the Spanish side, which seems different than other recent sovereignty debates (e.g. Scotland and the UK).

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