Friday, 06 October 2017 09:34

Europe May See Another Rupture Like Spain

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Europe seems to have been in the middle of a slow moving fragmentation since at least the Financial Crisis. The plodding fissure accelerated last year when the UK voted to leave the EU, and is once again quickening as Catalonia attempts to secede from Spain. That move may not be the last though, as a new frontier seems to be opening in the rupture of Europe: east vs west. Eastern Europe and western Europe are increasingly at odds over immigration and national sovereignty and it is leading to some bitter rhetoric and legal standoffs that may ultimately push an EU state like Hungary, Czech Republic, or Poland to leave the bloc.

FINSUM: Europe is in the middle of a slow-moving and hard-to-predict crisis, but we thought advisors should have their antennae up over where things might be headed.

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